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Social-Media marketing

As marketers and advertisers, we pride ourselves on accuracy. In the olden times of marketing and advertising. We obsessed over rating numbers of TV shows, readership for print promotions. And delivery success rates for direct mail. In all cases, the platforms of the day were heavily audited. You knew, with fair certainty, was the audiences were for any particular medium or channel. Because, there was usually a point of review somewhere for the numbers. Traditional media such as radio and TV. And  print had been around long enough that there were thousands of case studies one could study the success or failures of individual campaigns. Because these mediums were part of the public record, the social media marketing.   It was easy to work backward to see what mix of media and budget worked and what didn’t.

• Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s numbers were always a joke.

In days of yore, company valuation was based on revenues, assets, human capital, and performance. That all changed when someone came up with the concept of “daily active users.” The race to gain users became the driving force for social media marketing in pakistan  platforms in a way that we’ve never seen before. Now, the obsession with user growth opened the door to advertising. And marketing fraud on a scale that just wasn’t possible previously.

• Social platforms deploy their honey trap.

Initially, social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter lured brands and companies onto their platforms with promises of free marketing and advertising. The ability to quickly grow a fan base and follower base, without the need of hiring marketing shmucks like me. Why waste time on hiring a professional when you can do it all yourself for nothing?

At first, I was a supporter of this. I believed that marketing and advertising were often something that only larger companies could afford, and that small business marketing was being left behind. Social media marketing in Lahore allowed for even a mom-and-pop shop to compete online.

So many businesses spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in human resources to grow their followers online.

• Marketing and advertising agencies became accomplices after the fact.

However, like professionals in any business vertical, we’re self-serving.
One of my favorite examples of how people who would know better will say anything for a buck is real estate agents. Have you EVER heard a real estate agent tell you it’s the wrong time to buy a house? In all of my days, I have never read an article by a real estate agent saying that people should hold off on a purchase. Are house prices going up? A great time to buy; you’ll make your money back immediately! Are house prices going down? It’s a buyers’ market! Lock in your savings now!

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