How do you clean a shag rug?


Cleaning your Shaggy or long-haired carpet can sometimes be complex. Indeed, the shag rug is a special product that requires more thorough maintenance than a short-pile rug in order to retain all its beauty over time. How to take care of it and clean it without fear?

Why maintain a shag rug on a daily basis?

To preserve the beauty of your handamde rugs for sale for as long as possible, a few rules are in order. Its maintenance differs, in fact, from that of a low-pile carpet.

From daily upkeep, to spot cleaning, to annual upkeep, your shag rug needs more attention. Without regular maintenance, it would risk losing its softness, its softness and its colors of the first days.

How to take care of a shaggy rug?

First of all think about the location of your carpet, if it is too exposed to direct sunlight. The rays may affect its colors. Indeed, the rays act on the pigmentation of the carpet which can, little by little, lose its intensity and its pep. For example, red and blue tints are particularly sensitive to this phenomenon, so be careful!

On a daily basis, think that your carpet is like any textile except that it cannot be washed with plenty of water! Although it is designed to be stepped on, avoid your dirty shoes! They would encrust a multitude of dirt and external microbes that would harm its shine and its swelling. So be careful not to install your mat in a passageway that you use with your shoes.

Animal lovers, this message is for you

Beware of the joy that the Shaggy mat can bring to your pet. If you have a pet, it is common for your cat to scratch on it or for your dog to play on it and therefore pull on the fibers. Nothing like it to damage your shag carpet! Just like their urine which could be fatal to him!

You will find easy and quick recipes to make natural repellents based on essential oils. Be sure to do tests in small places to prevent certain allergies. We will soon advise you on the realization of some recipes of natural repellents to use indoors and to spray on your carpet

What maintenance product for a carpet?

The acrylic carpet is much less fragile than a wool carpet. It can therefore be cleaned with soapy water and a good rinse. Be careful not to rub too hard and not to use too much water!

You can carry out this operation once or twice a year so as not to felt or tarnish the material. To make cleaning a large rug easier, you can, for example, hang it astride a washing line and let it dry so that the fiber does not clog.

Another solution, if your acrylic rug allows it: take it to the dry cleaners every 2 years. You will find it like new! The pressing step is advantageous for maintaining your Shaggy or long-haired carpet because it is easy and quick.

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