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A priori, the hair becomes damaged, brittle and tired because of the external aggressions that it undergoes throughout the day. Thus, the hair scrub presents a pleasant alternative to purify the scalp. Indeed, you eliminate pollutants, excess sebum, dead cells and even dandruff.

So, what are the benefits of the purifying scrub and which one should you choose for exfoliating your scalp?

Which scrub to choose according to your scalp?

Like the face scrub, making a hair scrub requires the use of hair products with more or less thick grains. Indeed, you will find various creams, masks or jellies to exfoliate and eliminate impurities.

Moreover, the scrub must be included in your hair routine, but which must also adapt to your hair type. In addition, you must think about choosing a composition with ingredients of natural origin. Likewise, you should avoid silicone, parabens and other hair-damaging agents.

So, you can use a scrub with sea salt and vegetable oil (olive oil). Moreover, this type of scrub is suitable for normal hair and problem scalp.

On the other hand, the sugar and honey scrub is more suitable for dry hair. On the other hand, the sensitive scalp will require an exfoliating product dedicated to the dermis and the irritated epidermis.

In addition, the exfoliating shampoo allows frequent use to detoxify your mane.

Finally, you should avoid scrubbing for colored hair. Indeed, it can cause the coloring to disgorge and damage the dye.

What are the benefits of hair scrub?

First of all, exfoliating the scalp allows you to:

  • Better eliminate dandruff
  • Purify oily scalps
  • Stimulate blood circulation

However, the texture of the scrub can direct you to the best product to use. Indeed, some brands also offer other exfoliating products.

Why do a hair scrub?

As for the body, the skin of the scalp suffers from dandruff, pollution, overload of hair care or dead skin. Thus, the hair scrub activates the microcirculation and eliminates residues and impurities.

Moreover, a healthier scalp requires a suitable exfoliation to make hair grow faster and make it shinier. Thus, the scrub facilitates the penetration of moisturizer and to enjoy all the benefits of a conatural hair repair shampoo, conditioner or hair mask.

How to do a hair scrub?

Generally, the hair scrub is applied before the usual shampoo on wet hair beforehand. Moreover, it represents a moment of relaxation by massaging the scalp.

Thus, you must generously apply a dose of the exfoliating paste. Then you must gently massage with circular movements to activate blood circulation. Moreover, you must insist on the back of the ears and the temples. Then, you must rinse thoroughly to cleanse your scalp.

Finally, you must be satisfied with one exfoliation per week or fortnight, to avoid irritating your scalp.

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