More and more women change their hair colors frequently. However, it is very difficult to choose the right color and maintain it well afterwards. Thus, the success of your change of look depends only on you.
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How to choose your hair color?

In general, changing hair color can transform your look and enhance your face. However, you must take into consideration certain criteria to choose the colors that suit you best.

Choose your hair color according to your complexion!

A priori, you can easily achieve your color yourself as long as the change is not drastic. However, sweeping or highlights require more technicality. Thus, these 2 coloring techniques will allow you to lighten your natural color by one tone.

On the other hand, a complete coloring of your hair requires to be limited to a tone above or below. Thus, your change of look will be successful every time.

Choose your ideal hair color

Generally, your hair colorist can easily advise you on the hair color that will suit you best. However, you can always choose to go from blond to brunette, from brown to red according to your desires.

Finally, tanned or tanned skin looks better with nuanced colors and highlights.

How to properly maintain your hair coloring?

A priori, a simple hair routine is not enough to keep all the splendor of your color. So, you can start by changing your usual shampoo to a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Also, you can choose to use a washing cream or a shampoo balm for colored hair. Indeed, hair products make it possible to preserve the hair while limiting the loss of pigments from

On the other hand, you have to space out your shampoos. However, you can clean your hair with a dry shampoo. Thus, you rid your hair of excess sebum, dust…

Then you should think about using a simple shampoo every other time with a shampoo with a hair mask. Indeed, colored hair needs hydration and nourishing care.

In addition, you must alternate hair care if you have dull, sensitized hair or brittle hair. Then, applying an oil bath to the lengths and ends before washing your hair will extend the duration of your coloring.

Also, you can use products that limit the loss of pigments and the fading of reflections, such as a pigmented treatment. Moreover, this type of care makes it possible to wrap the hair in pigments on the surface.

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